Importance of knowing on how to perform spiritual sacrifices when gifted person

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In Initiation, we have two Initiates; one initiate slaughters the goat to appease God/Ancestors, the other Initiate offers himself as a sacrifice to God/Ancestors.

The first Initiate uses the sacrifice as a scapegoat (pun intended) to avoid responsibility. Even religious people use their saviours as some kind of scapegoat, saying that another person died for their sins.

This removes them from taking responsibility and learning the consequences of their choices. In truth no man can die for another man's sins, just as you cannot make people Ascend. Each Soul is given the responsibility to work towards its own Ascension.

Helpers are there but at the end it is you who has to experience the Awakening. It is you who has to face your own demons, it is you who has to undergo the process of Death and Rebirth. The Original idea of sacrifices especially during Initiation is Self-Sacrifice.

The Initiate needs to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of his own Soul. Self-Sacrifice means you have to let go of your personal life, to attain the Spiritual life.

Self-Sacrifice is the work of overcoming oneself, letting go of lower desires, such as lust, anger, bad habits, jealousy etc. The Lesser Priests found this work of Self-Sacrifice as an obstacle, so they invented "the scapegoat", where something else would be sacrificed on their behalf.

Now anyone can perform any wrong doing believing that they only need to sacrifice an animal in order to "cleanse their sins" or ask forgiveness from a savior who already died for all "sins".

When the Sanusis taught that you need to slaughter the animal in order to be saved, they were actually talking about your Animal self. That aspect of you that is animalistic in nature.

If you want to honestly travel the True Way, you must let go of the scapegoat, you must be willing to face every consequence of your Action, this is why we strive towards nation . The Initiate knows that none can give him salvation except himself. 

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