Developing: King Mswati III Airlifted And Flees His Country To Seek Asylum As Chaos Rock Nation


The king of Swaziland, a country found at the southern Africa, King Mswati III has fled from his country to seek refuge in safer countries. The news were aired by south Africa broadcasting corporation by 1am in the morning of 29th June this year.

The people of Swaziland are demostrating for the reinstatement of the multipartism in the country. The one party state was declared in the country by 1973 and has been effective upto date.

Citizens are also fighting for democracy after being denied freedom and blames the king for being dictatorial.

The king whose power is hereditary has fled to other countries to seek asylum.

"ESWATINI: King Mswati III Reportedly Flees Country As Chaos Rock Nation In Demand For Democracy, Multi-Party system Banned Since 1973", channel 254 reports.

The action by king Mswati III is a show of cowardice because he should have remained in the country to negotiate over the issue and get a long lasting solution.

That is not how a leader should be. A leader should be brave. But hereditary leadership takes to power people even without the skills

"Ala, King Mswati is falling? Yenyewe, nothing is impossible.", Dennis Itumbi said.


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