Faith offered his family vacation to get the money wanted by Moloi in HOZ

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When Faith failed to have money to pay Jonas to keep quiet to Funani about Zobuhle he tried a bank loan. The bank Manager asked her why she doesn't take her husband money that is offshore account. Faith told him that it's urgent to get money,but the bank manager said it will take thirty days to get the money she want. Faith told him to forget that she even came for loan. Remember Moloi told her that she is giving her two days to pay him. Jonas's wife had died whom he wanted the money for so he went straight to mansion to tell Funani what he knows about the disapearance of her daughter.

When Faith threatened Jonas that there is no money that you will get from me. She reminded him even you were there when you scoop and doctered the report. If I, m going down I won't be alone will be with you. Also you wanted a large amount of which is complicated to get it soon. Faith kept on thinking what she will do to get out Jonas out of her way.

When Funani opened the safe to take his watch, Faith was able to see the code for the safe. Funani took it and see his wife standing and ask her what's wrong she told him that we work very hard at the company we need a vacation including the employees. She tried to hide her cruelty by helping her husband to wear his watch. She even bought a ticket for Dorothy so she can go home when she plan heist to pay Jonas.

Faith informed her ally Isaac how he will get money as soon as possible before Jonas spill the beans to Funani. Funani and Nkosi were not tempted about her vacation that she arranged but at last Faith was able to win the heart of her husband and agreed. Let's wait and see if whether her plan will work for her and his allys. Allow me to tell you that Faith can always play dirty if she wants something to be done in her terms.

Hope let's put our fingers cross that her plan will work so his ally Isaac can be able to steal the jewelery to sell quickly to find money Jonas.

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