Management practises of layers from chicks unto the laying period


Birds are kept for the production of eggs and meat. It is the most cheapest method to earn billions of money within a short period of time. The commonly reared birds are chickens,pigeons,geese and

The commonly reared birds in the country is chicken which has gained a lot of popularity .

Chickens should be vaccinated against Newcastle and Fowl typhoid. After every six months . Enough floor space,feeders and waterers should be provided . Each hen 120grams per day should be given.

Clean water should be provided at all times and the litter should be kept dry to avoid dampness. Wetness causes bad smell which might cause suffocation.

Deep litter system is practiced and eggs should be collected twice a day . At noon and evening.

Green leaves should be hanged in the house to keep the birds busy. This is also a method of controlling cannibalism. Hens which do not lay should be curled . layers should be fed with layers mash or pellets depending on the rearing system being used to rear the birds.

Birds kept for laying purposes should be well maintained. The farmer should ensure close supervision of the birds to make sure all hens have laid and eggs collected.

Grains should also be given in addition to the layers mash per bird per day. Soluble grits should be provided at all times . This encourages strong shelled eggs and effective digestion. The layers mash should be balanced for vitamin A,B,C and minerals.