Mzansi left laughing after seeing what this woman did when she got her first car

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Buying a car is one of the achievements that a lot of people love to do. There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with buying a car especially your first car.

Certain photos have veen trending on social media that have made people laugh. These photos show what a woman was doing the night she bought her first car. Juts like a kid with a new toy adults behave the same way when they buy a new car.

The woman coild not sleep and wanted to look and feel her car through out the night. He first frame shows her hugging ber car during the night as a way to show how happy she was.

In the second pic she finally decided to sleep next to the car despite the cold that occurs through out the night. This picture really made people laugh as they all assumed that she maybe feared that her car would be stolen.

In the last picture she finally gave in and got into her car to sleep there. Although these pictures were probably taken to make people laugh this is actually the reality for most people.

People find it hard to stay aways from their new cars and they will need time to get used to the idea of having it around.

Some people also started sharing their own experiences when they bought a new car. "I was parking mine by the window, my key was always in bed with me and every time I am going to the bathroom I would just take the key and press lock just to see the lights flashing and just say baby is still there, see you in the morning. " commented one Twitter user.

"Did this back in 2015. I kept checking through the window until I decided, let me go sleep inside." Said another one.

Its evident that buying your first car is a nice and overwhelming experience.

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