Eric Omondi Nursing Wounds After Khaligraph Gave Him The Beating of His Life

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Comedian Eric Omondi has been the talk in town after he held a boxing match between him and Khaligraph Jones. The two have been over each other of who can beat who in a match and so they planned for a day that will determine who is more masculine than the other.

The day arrived and it was today, 23rd February 2021. And the ofcourse what do you expect from a boxing match between Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi? Eric couldn't make it he tried but the punches he receive from his highness hiphop singer made him to fall down helplessly and ask for some water.

Meanwhile, Eric is now healing severe wounds he received from the blows he got from Khaligraph. From the video he shared on his page it is clear that he is in much pain. And Betty Kyallo being a close friend to him went to console him and give him support.

Betty Kyallo asked him, if the fight was really necessary,

"Was it really necessary, like was it necessary?" Betty asked.

The comedian answered saying it was a stupid thing to do but however their is something he is planning to take place on 7th of March which he did not reveal though he asked Betty if she knew about it.

"Si unajua Betty, unajua story yangu na Khaligraph. It's foolish, it's stupid, ni ujinga. So you know what's happening on the 7th we have to make it bigger", Eric Omondi responded.

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