Hopewell Chin'ono has been sued by Jessie

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I have just received this High Court document this afternoon, ZACC commissioner Fungayi Jessie Majome is suing me for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have instructed my lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa to respond informing Jessie Majome that we will meet her in court, no retractions, no apologies ~ Hopewell Chin'ono

Well, if she has to prove that the report was not factual, then this is a good chance to look at all of her secrets and get them out in the open. It now becomes very much public interest. Let us open that can of worms why did she not claim the damages in our local currency, what has the American money currency has to do with a local case? Going by the conditions demands she has made it shows how deep she has sank into the abyss. A matter of buying time whilst they do their thieving, it will be remand after remand for him trying to disturb his work. Zanu people will never see heaven I bet u that, so someone can sue you in a foreign currency while the country uses stupid bonds


First and foremost, Mr Hopewell regarded as public enemy by the state then there is politicians individual who do partnership in looting public funds, and Mr Hopewell is there to tell as it is without fear every week. Then there is High Court who get to be told by the ruling party what to do with regards to these matters brought to them. So this heft defamation is a victory because they want to see Mr Hopewell going down, not only that but they want him dead because he iss disturbing their looting scheme. A lawsuit must be urgently filed against her for claiming payment in US$ when both complainant and defendant are residents in Zimbabwe, those who are in power are using every opportunity to strongly discredit the local currency, and prove that it is worthless

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