Just in: Alleged killers of Macho Kaaka in Ejura finally arrested by the police - Class FM confirmed


The news is spreading very fast and all news channels have communicated the sudden demise of Macho Kaaka who was one of the Social Activist in Ejura. The death of Macho Kaaka and many others in Ejura have resulted in a great agony within the youth in Ejura and it's environment. We are very much excited about the news which was confirmed this afternoon on class FM involving the arrest of Alleged murders who killed Macho Kaaka and they pretend under the watch of demonstration incident against fix the country motion.

All Ghanaians were made to believe that Macho Kaaka was murdered as a result of being a major proponent for Fix the country campaign. But this afternoon, Class FM during an exclusive interview from Ejura have show the other side of the whole incident as it turns out to be a family death. Family death?

Yes the news encountered with Class FM proves that Macho Kaaka was murdered by a family member who knows him very well all because of a little letigation over a small piece of land.

It was disclosed that the police in Ejura Municipality have acted as it was required by arresting the suspected murder of Macho Kaaka pending further investigation and confirmation.

It was later revealed that, the Macho Kaaka was killed by a family member that is why we said it was a family death.

Most people will be dumbfounded about how the whole case and will wonder why the case involving the death of Macho Kaaka is currently related to family issues.

Class FM confirmed that an eyewitness of which his/her identity will not be disclosed as a result of investigation, provided much details about the whole story surrounding the death of Macho Kaaka.

"THE eyewitness proved that, Macho Kaaka was not murdered as a result of being a major proponent for Fix the country campaigners in Ejura but rather his own brother from the family by name Mohammed murdered him secretly under the pretend of fix the country demonstration result". - Class FM confirmed.

As a result of the information, the police officers in the area of Ejura Municipality has arrested the brother of Macho Kaaka who murdered or killed him as a result of a piece of family land allegations.

We thank the Ghana Police officers for their good works in ensuring peace in our country and arresting the suspected Murderer of Macho Kaaka which will relieve the pressure people are mounting on Government.

Let love lead and hate aside. There is no gain in killing a fellow human being as a result of earthly possessions. We shall all account for the evil we do this time. The key is repentance and we must be very careful with our brothers and family members.

"Some friends are better than brothers".

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