Sarcasm: See 5 Reasons Why President Muhammadu Buhari's Pigeon Might Have Refused to Fly

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Note Do not take this post too seriously as it is only meant for fun.

Something very unusual happened in the ceremony which marked to celebrate Nigeria's Armed Forces Remembrance Day, as a very mild drama at the venue of this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day commenced, which was held at the nation's capital of Abuja, the pigeons that were used for the ceremony had refused to fly after being released by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The funny thing about the incident is that despite the president's attempt to make them fly, they were unwilling to go free, the reaction of the birds has generated quite some reaction from Nigerians who felt there must be something more to it, as other citizens saw it as a man omen, while some reacted jokingly over the event incident.

Here I bring to you 5 Reasons why the birds might have reacted the way they did, which might include:

1. New to Freedom: the birds been birds that are recruited for this purpose, might have been reared in a caged environment, thereby making the cage their place of abode they don't want to move away from.

2. Hunger in The Land: this reason is hilarious, the birds might have sensed the hunger that many citizens are feeling, and therefore have reasoned that they rather stay in a cage, and get fed instead of facing hunger should they fly away.

3. Untrained: maybe the birds were not given special training to understand that they are to fly away when the cage is opened.

Surveying the Surrounding: with the amount of people present at the ceremony the birds might have reasoned to get familiar with the environment before knowing where to fly to.

5. Terrified and lack of safety: the birds might have been terrified with the gathering of people which might have caused them to stay in the cage for a longer time, and they might have been made aware of Nigeria's security situation, that they held a brief meeting whether to leave the cage or not.

Thanks for reading this piece, hope you had fun as you read it?

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