Do You Like Eating Tiger Nuts? See How You Can Use It To Make Creamy Milk

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Tiger nuts is a popular Nigerian snack commonly sold by the Northerners. It is a snack which may require you drinking plenty of water after eating it and most times you don’t have to swallow the hard particles after chewing it. Tiger nuts belongs to the ‘tuber’ family. They are referred to as tiny tubers which grow underground.

You don’t have to chew Tiger nuts every time as you can actually prepare milk out of it. In this article, we will be looking at step-by-step procedure to make Tiger nut milk.

Materials required


Cloth Sieve



Tiger Nuts



1.      Soak your Tiger nuts in water for 1-2 days. You can refrigerate while soaking it.

2.      Separate the tiger nuts from the water and rinse thoroughly.

3.      Pour the tiger nuts which is already soft into the blender and blend for 3-5 minutes. Add cups of water that can contain the tiger nuts and blend together until it becomes very smooth and creamy. You can add the water gradually so that the milk will not be watery.

4.      Spread your cloth sieve on a small bowl and pour the blended Tiger nuts milk into the sieve. It will remain the hard particles at the top. Transfer the hard particles into the blender and add water, then blend again. Extract the milk through the sieve for the second time.

5.      You can repeat the process as many times as possible but you should note that the Tiger Nut Milk should not be watery but creamy.

6.      You can refrigerate and serve your nutritious Tiger Nuts Milk.

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