“I'm Hard To Get"–Cross dresser, Jay boogie says as he shares new photos.

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“Hard To get"–Cross dresser, Jay boogie says as he shares new photos.

Popular Nigeria Cross dresser widely known as Jay boogie has gone online to declare himself unforgettable and precious. He is said something interesting about himself. Something most people will be angry at but he dared the public anyway by saying it.

Now to what he said. Jay Boogie, a Nigerian cross dresser might I add the most good looking Cross dresser. He is so good looking that people doubt if he was an actual male.

He said that he is hard to get and very hard to forget.

See the pictures he posted alongside the quotation.

Jay Boogie is the third popular cross dresser in Nigeria. The other two James Brown and BobRisky are more popular than him.

He became popular after his photos pooped up online and people found it hard to believe that he is not girl.

He is a model, Instagram influencer and ambassador. He has being doing well since after his fame.

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