BET Awards: Gay Artist Kisses Man On Stage As Cardi B Performs While Heavily Pregnant


The 2021 BET awards ceremony will live long in the minds of music fans. The event which seeks to promote black culture, was probably the most controversial event in 2021 so far.

For Instance, female rapper Cardi B who is one of the best rappers in the game came out to perform while heavily pregnant.

Fans were amazed especially because Cardi, had not given any hint that she was pregnant for a second time.

However, her protruding belly was clear for everyone to see before she confirmed the information through her Instagram.

As the night went on, things took another turn, as American rapper Lil Nas, who has openly confessed to be homosexual, kissed another man at the end of his performance while he was on stage.

Being open about being gay is one thing, however fans were left staring at their screens in disbelief, as Lil Nas opted to deeply kiss one of his back up dancers at the end of his performance.