10 Things That Shouldn't Be In Your Bedroom


Do you know what things you should never have in the bedroom? The bedroom is the one place in the home you should be able to relax fully and seep well. It's the place you spend an awful lot of time in, so it makes sense for it to be a place that you feel comfortable spending time in. It's going to be so important for your health and well-being to know how to decorate your bedroom so that you get enough rest to face each day ahead of you and it's for that reason that we have got 10 things that you should never have in your bedroom.

1. Desk

You may have a home office, but that doesn't mean you should double up your bedroom as a place of work. Bedrooms are not for stress, but for sleep and it's a place that you can avoid stressful activities like work.

There are ten things you should never have in the bedroom that isn't exhaustive, but you must know how you can create a bedroom space with the right atmosphere and not the wrong things.

2. Portable heaters

You should never leave a space heater unattended, so when you bring one into your bedroom, you're tempting fate that you may fall asleep with it still running. It's best to avoid the worry and just not bring one into the bedroom at all. Trade up for a warmer bedding set instead and add an extra comforter.

3. Halogen bulbs

When it comes to light bulbs in the bedroom, halogen is the ones you want to leave behind. Go for LED bulbs, which are safer and won't get hot enough to cause a fire in your home.

4. Food and drinks

Eating and drinking on or near your bed are unhygienic. It increases the chances of your bedroom becoming dirty or infected – crumbs and spills are not completely unavoidable, even if you're a careful and neat person. Food and drinks should not be part of your sleep routine – if you drink sleep teas, do it in the kitchen before heading to bed – and should not be in your bedroom. While breakfast in bed is a great surprise for birthdays and other occasions, this should not be a regular occurrence unless necessary. If you are too sick to get out of bed, then there's no other recourse. But if nothing is stopping you from eating someplace more appropriate, making eating in the bedroom a habit not only disrupts your sleep cycle but also affects your physical health. Watch out for unwanted weight gain.

5. Electronics

It seems like all electronics are light-emitting now. TV power buttons glare even when they're off. Game consoles glow. Even security system keypads are so bright they can light up a room. Stop keeping electronic things in your bedroom if you can. But, if you've got to keep them in there, at least take steps to prevent them from messing with your sleep

If you use your phone as an alarm clock or for emergencies, switch it to Airplane Mode. Then the screen won't light up every time you get a notification. For everything else, you can't move, cover those annoying lights with electrical tape.

6. Your work stuff

Are you working from home more these days? Many of us are. It can be hard to find space to work when your house is full of people. You need to keep your brain from associating your bedroom with your workday for a good night's sleep.

So, if you have space, set up your work area in some other part of your home and stop keeping work-day stuff in your bedroom. If there's nowhere else that suits you or you have to work in your room to avoid interruptions, stick to a schedule. Then, once you're through for the day, put away work-related materials. This practice will help your brain keep your bedroom's work and sleep functions separate. It'll also help keep your bedroom from turning into a cluttered mess.

7. Exercise equipment

We've all put a treadmill or exercise bike in our bedrooms in the hope of using it more often. It often winds up to a clothing rack for stuff too dirty to wear but too clean to wash. Then, it not only collects dust and looks cluttered, but it also makes us feel guilty. That's no way to start and end your day. Stop keeping unused exercise equipment in your bedroom.

8. Piles of clothes

Organizing and putting your clean clothes on your hangers and closets and the dirty ones in your laundry basket will help keep your bedroom organized. You don't want to sleep with clothes hanging over your bed or piled on a chair.

9. Dirty dishes

People like to do with a cup of herbal tea or warm water to their bed when going to sleep. Also, others like taking their breakfast in bed – it is a treat. But you should not leave your dishes in there as they clutter your room and attract things like rodents and cockroaches. Also, the smell of stinky food is not pleasant at all.

10. Windows without shades

Shades, blinds, or curtains are a must to get good quality sleep, especially if you're a night owl or late riser. Light can wake you up and interrupt important sleep cycles, but what you might not know is that too much light in your sleeping environment has also been linked to higher obesity.

Of course, the problem could be a result of consequential sleep deprivation. So keep the light out until you wake up, at which point getting lots of natural light can help you wake up and feel alert.


For you to relax and unwind, you need to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Get rid of anything that reminds you of work, office, your spouse, or life. Once you get to bed, your mind should switch to “sleep mode.”

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