She is young: Durban Gen actress Nombulelo Mhlongo ‘Nurse She’s age gets Mzansi talking

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Nombulelo MhlongoNombulelo Mhlongo has become a household figure through her portrayal as Nurse Snehlahla Mtshali in Durban Gen. Durban Gen is a slay queen who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and will do anything to be the center of attention. Initially, it was common knowledge that she desired a wealthy marriage and would reject men like Macgyver, whom she deemed beneath her.

When she found herself in Dr. Zulu's bed for a moment, fortune was on her side, but her good fortune was short-lived as everything came crashing down. However, following their breakup, she became pregnant with Lindelani's child, and he refused to have anything to do with either of them.

Nombulelo Mhlongo and Nyaniso DzedzeNombulelo Mhlongo and Nyaniso Dzedze-Image Source(Instagram/Nombulelo Mhlongo)

Dr. Dhlomo came crashing into her world as soon as she determined to raise her child without any male assistance. Initially, he was the guy of her dreams, with a career as a surgeon and lavish gifts that won her over. Sne was compelled to marry Dhlomo, despite the fact that he began exhibiting his aggressive tendencies well into their relationship. She is currently living in close quarters with her abusive spouse and attempting to succeed professionally.

Actress Nombulelo Mhlongo’s age stuns Mzansi

In the drama series, Snehlahla portrays a character who appears to be in her forties and is under pressure to settle down. This is not the situation in reality, since the actress is only 29 years old, but her body allows her to readily assume the character.Nombulelo MhlongoNombulelo Mhlongo-Image Source(Instagram/Nombulelo Mhlongo)

When she was cast as Cassandra in Skeem Saam, viewers fell in love with the actress for the first time. Later, she joined Uzalo as Nomcebo, where she received the most notice before to Durban Gen. The character of Sne in the medical drama series has proven to be the career breakthrough she required.

When she is not acting, the actress serves as a teacher of the art she is pursuing. As a way of giving back to society, she founded the Pan African space arts platform, where she teaches young people the art of acting and drama.


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