See Top 10 highest goal-scoring defenders in football history

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Hello guys, on today's article we are going to talk about top 10 highest goal scoring defenders. Many football fans would be surprised by the list of 10 football defenders who have scored the highest goals in their careers and some of these defenders are also announced as the best stoppers in the world. All these defenders except Sergio Ramos have retired from playing football as some of them have went into coaching and other careers, Ramos as this generation player is still playing football and currently Real Madrid current captain. So there are possibility that he might score more goals to equalise or surpass the highest goal scoring defender before he retires so let's watch and see. For now let's take a look at list of top 10 defenders with highest number of goals.

10. Franz Beckenburger

9. Sergio Ramos

8. Roberto Carlos

7. Paul Breitner

6. Steve Bruce

5. Graham Alexander

4. Laurent Blanc

3. Fernando Hierro

2. Daniel Passarella

1. Ronald Koeman

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