Mzansi has no love for Makhadzi, see what her fans are saying about this photo

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A fan took to tweeter to mock Makhadzi for her pose after she posted the pic above with Mampintsha, it seems like everything that stands next to Mampintsha depreciate. But the most disturbing reactions come from women who also join the trolls in bullying our Queen. Instead of defending another woman from vicious trolls they joined in.

Here are some reaction from the comment:

@MabasoBheki: It's a shame on how women will never ever be united and be their sister's keeper.

@briansegoe: It's just a bad photo Shem, if you have ever deleted a photo of yourself then you have no right to say anything bad about this right here.

@lucycah: It's even sad to see women dragging her down like this, you are pretty and you saying she is ugly.

@muhle_nomzamo: Its funny how people laugh and bully other women but don't laugh at their own sisters or girlfriends.

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