Igathe Or Sakaja Today's Polls Shows Who Is Ahead Between UDA Candidate And Azimio In Nairobi.

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To make sure that the election in 2022 is peaceful, politicians and voters must collaborate closely with the IEBC. With 33 days till the general election, the presidential election is anticipated.

Two front-runners who are eager to earn a seat are William Ruto and Raila Odinga. Many different perspectives and outcomes have been generated through polls, yet the polls themselves choose the winner. 

But in addition to the presidential election results, I would want to draw attention to another crucial election in Kenya the race for the office of Nairobi County Governor.

The most popular contender, Sakaja, is followed by Igathe in the most current Nairobi polls.Johson Sakaja, who has a 61 percent popularity rating, is the most well-liked individual in Kibera. Agnes Kagure is in third place with a rating of 3%, followed by Igathe in second place with a rating of 34%. The poll's results corroborated my estimate of Raila Odinga's popularity, which I pegged at 49%. With a 41 percent rating, the route placed second in Nairobi County.

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