'Where Are The Candles?', Lilian Muli Left In A Dilemma Following This Mess


Lilian Muli is one of the celebrated Kenyan citizen television personally who works as a senior news anchor at the Kenyan free to air television channel owned by Royal media services.

Lilian Muli usually hosts her shows which air on the live citizen TV on Friday and Saturday News at 9pm and editions, coincidentally with the fashion watch show on Saturday and one on one interview on Friday after the 9pm news

Lilian Muli is a divorced mother to two kids who are boys with the first son being born back in 2010 from her former marriage to Mr. Kamene.

Lilian Muli's second born, Liam was born in 2018 with her marriage to her former husband Jared Newton.

Being her second born's son birthday celebration, Lilian Muli was left in a dilemma after her son had to face her.

Her son was seemed to be so concerned on why his mother did not get candles for his birthday cake.

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