King of Boys: Actors Zubby Michael and Chizzy Alichi clash on social media (Read why).

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It's not a crime or bad thing for two individuals to differ in opinions with regards to a particular concept, but the inability of the individuals to identify and respect their differences is what is not healthy.

Two respected Nollywood actors, Zubby Michael, and Chizzy Alichi call out themselves on social media over their differences on the concept of "King of Boys", which generates a lot of controversies on Instagram.

Zubby Michael took to his page to express his feelings about who should be king of boys. The actor in his opinion, felt that it's not good enough for a woman to be King of Boys, saying that a woman can never be king of boys.

However, Chizzy Alichi reacted to the post stating that there's absolutely nothing wrong in a woman becoming whatever she wants to be after all there's a say that 'what man can do, a woman can do better. This doesn't go well with Zubby as his response thereafter prompts his fellow to reply. Read their words below:

This sparked a lot of reactions as many express surprises over how little the reason that made the highly-rated duo talk to themselves in the manner they did. Read some of the reactions on Instagram below:

I think this doesn't speak well of them both, to register their differences before the general public. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below and don't forget to share, like, and follow for more.

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