Was It the Downfall of the Three Lions in the Euro 2020?

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We often see competitors wishing each other luck when they are competing.May the best win.This luck tends to build up the morale of the opponent and the competing is fair.

In the Euro 2020 it wasn't an exception until the Italian side were forced to a penalty shoot out by the English side famously known as the Three lions.All was well until Jorginho lost a penalty kick that was saved by Jordan Pickford the Azzuri having a 3:2 lead to the English side.Bukayo Saka the arsenal wonderkid stood up to take the last penalty kick to keep England in the game and as he was stepping forward Gigio Chielini the Italy captain mutted some words.

"Kiricocho" which meant bad luck as the young star was going to take the penalty kick.Kiricocho was an Argentinian fan who is regarded as bad luck .In the 1980s when he attended a game in the football pitch some players could be injured and the team could loose the game.And this was evident as Saka's penalty was saved from the spot by Gigio Donarrumma and the Italian side won.

Why should you impose such a curse on a developing talent?.We should tend to encourage even in our toughest times and wish each other good luck.

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