A Famous Kenyan Musician Opens up on Battling with Depression, Suicide and Being Broke and famous

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One of the most famous raggae and cover songs artist in Kenya Michael Bundi has come out to open up on his darkest moments in his life.

Bundi said that things begun going left when he was still in high school where he was being bullied by other students because he used to bed wet. After receiving medication things continued to worsen because of the situation at home where her parents weren't in good terms and this made him to get depressed.

At a certain time, when he had tried his luck in music and things seemed not to be working out. Because he used to sleep hungry yet his songs had millions of views, Bundi had decided to commit suicide.

He felt useless because he was famous but there is no money he was getting from the cover songs. Sometimes the original musicians used to strike his songs. After his suicide attempts failed, Bundi decided to focus on music without giving up.

Though Kenyans had underrated him, but his collabo with Etana made him gain some fame and atleast started to get some shows. Currently he is the talk of the town together with his son Fayez, they have been doing amazing work, and Kenyans have been supporting them.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.


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