Citizen's 'Undisputable' Stephen Letoo Birthday Photos Sets Internet Ablaze [PHOTOS]

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(Photo Courtesy/File/Stephen Letoo)

Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo has set internet ablaze after he took to his social media (Facebook) on Sunday 27th of June and shared photos of him in a Nigerian attire while celebrating his birthday.

"Growing up, everyone around me spent all their time trying to be great. Iam one of the lucky ones who has always been great. As I grow a year older, I thank my family friends and around me for making me who iam... It's an year for me to dance Yori! Yori! Happiest birthday to me" divulged Letoo and shared the photo below.

(Photo Courtesy/Stephen Letoo)

Leto has been among the top most loved reporters by Kenyans due to his activating way of reporting politics at Citizen TV.


@Magufulu Benjamin ~ " Happy birthday the great news reporter. Leo tunataka pin location tu. Lazima tushikwe ju ya curfew bro".

@Gera The Selector~"Happy birthday my brother Stephen Letoo, more life, more blessings".

@Purie Denja~" Happy birthday to you letoo, may the Almighty shower you with His protection and love".

It's merely 2 days ago after Stephen Letoo Facebook page was hacked thought he later took control and apologized to his followers after numerous tickling 'Quotes' were shared by the hackers.

Below are more comments from Kenyans wishing Stephen Letoo a happy birthday;

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