4 Noticeable Things In Regina Daniels Lifestyle After She Got Married To Prince Ned Nwoko

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It's been 2 years since the renowned actress Regina Daniels Got Married to Prince Ned Nwoko, and I can say that the marriage is one of the best things that happened in their lives, and the couple has been living the best of their lives as husbands and wives. I have noticed these 3 things about Regina Daniels after she got married.

1) Became a mother.

The first thing I noticed is that Regina Daniels became a mother. A baby boy known as Munir was added into the Nwoko's family, and I can tell that the child has been a blessing to the family because it is written all over the photos Regina Daniels posts. A child is one of the joys in every marriage, so Regina and Ned were blessed with him.

Photo Credit: Reginal Daniels/Instagram.

2) More beautiful.

Anyone who has been following Regina Daniels on Instagram can tell that the mother of one became more beautiful after she got married to Ned Nwoko, even after he gave birth to Munir, she is still looking as young as ever. She enjoys herself and lives the best of her life with her family. Indeed, Regina Daniels has always been a beautiful person, but she recently added more beauty to the one she already had.

3) Bought a car for her mother.

Regina Daniels also bought a car for her mother. All these happened during his mother's birthday, she made sure she surprised her mother who has been her source of inspiration and happiness with a car and other gifts too. 

Photo Credit: Reginal Daniels/Instagram.

4) She started a business.

Regina Daniels also started her business and she is doing everything in her possibly best to make sure that it becomes a success. She is already going forward in that line because she celebrated 100k followers on the page on Instagram.

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