"She's My Blessing" King Kaka Narrates What His Wife & Him Went Through During His 3 Months Of Illness

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Kenyan rapper and entrepreneur Kevin Ombima who is popularly known by his stage name King Kaka or Rabbit, had been ailing from an unknown illness that pinned him down and had him loose several kilos of body weight.

King Kaka and his wife, Nana Owiti (Photo Courtesy)

However a few days ago, he was discharged from hospital as he continues with his recovery journey at home which seems to be on the right track. Today, the legendary rapper has come out to express his gratitude and respect for his wife, Nana Owiti who has been with him throughout the tough times.

Taking to his social media account, King Kaka thanked Nana Owiti for always remaining by his side as he was in hospital, for being patient always and caring for him. He also narrated on how Nana Owiti spent several night sleeping on the coach and pushing the nurses to check out on him more often.

"Let me count my blessings. I am currently walking on that road to recovery but I pray that God guides you and grants you all your hearts’ wishes & Desires. 

Just leant the new meaning of the word ‘Partner’ in a relationship. Be blessed and Asante Nana." King Kaka stated.

Indeed, Nana deserves all praise for not leaving the side of her husband. Like, Comment, Share and Follow.

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