A 25 years lady shared her story in relationship and she is in need of advice


I am a lady of 25 years dating a guy of 28 years. We have been dating for more than a year now.My guy is the type that likes to play basketball so he normal spends his time at the basketball court in our area where we both live. He has his own place so i go there when i have time but i don't clean or cook for him because my aunty told me not to do that for a man till i get married to him. So we either buy food from outside or if he has prepared something already at home then we eat together. About 3 months ago i came to visit him and when i went to the kitchen there were 2 different stews that had been prepared and when i tasted them it didn't taste like the usual food that he has been preparing. So in the evening after we finished eating , i asked him if he was the one that cooked it and he said no and that it is a new friend of his that came there and offered to cook for him... i asked him whether it was male or female and he said it was a female. So i asked him why and she said the friend insisted she wanted to do it so he allowed her. I trust him so i didn't make it a big deal and we forgot about it. Sometimes when i call him, i hear that she has come there and is cooking and he confirms it when i ask him. But just last three weeks i went there to visit him and when i got there i saw her for the first time in the kitchen with her apron on in her body-con dress. When i saw her i greeted her and she responded nicely and then My guy introduced the both of us and we shook hands. But i wasn't comfortable anymore after that because She was very pretty, well endowed and a little intimidating. Since that day i haven't been myself because she is also a woman and i know what women can do. On one of my visits, i calmly expressed my concerns about the new lady coming around but after that he gave me a strange look and told me that he doesn't like outside food and can't continue eating outside food always ...He stood up and left me in the bedroom and went to the living room to watch TV. I have been really worried since that conversation and worried about my relationship with my guy...I need your advice please

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