After Fernandes Missed The Penalty Kick, Martinez Ridicules United Fans (Video).

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Emiliano Martinez really put up a show today at Old Trafford as his side won 1-0 against Manchester United. First, he taunted Cristiano Ronaldo to take the penalty kick when one of his teammates committed a handball.

And after the miss from Bruno Fernandes, he is seen facing Manchester United fans and also doing a sort of mockery dance before them.

Martinez is a really smart person as he called Ronaldo to weaken the morale of Fernandes and also put more pressure on him. The pressure was too much for Fernandes to bear and as we all watched, he kicked it out of the pitch to where the fans stayed.

Here's the link to the video:

Meanwhile, I'll advise Martinez not to be fully happy as they still have another match with Manchester United at their own home ground and with what Cristiano has done in the past, it won't be an easy one for him.

Ronaldo loves revenge!

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