My Child, You Have Answered Your Grandmother's Prayers: Gugu Gumede

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Gugu Gumede who is best known for playing the role of maMlambo on Uzalo is currently on maternity leave. This actress disappeared on the show two weeks back and viewers have been wondering if she will make a come back or not.

Gugu has confirmed that she is expecting a new born baby. She recently shared a picture of her pregnant stomach and mentioned that she is happy that she would be a mother soon. Gugu revealed that people have been asking her what kept her strong after her mother Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi's death. She said she gets all the strength from her unborn child.

Gugu says her unborn child made her be able to step on the podium and speak about her mother.

'I wasn't alone when i spoke about my mother at the funeral. My baby's heart which was beating inside me gave me the guts to speak about my mother, she inspired me. I am alive today it's all because of this. My child, you have answered your grandmother's prayers. She was so willing to meet you but then that did'nt happen. Though you two never met in flesh but im sure you have met spiritually.' Stated Gugu

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