ODM Party Sends Warning To Kenyans Over Their Mistaken Organ in The Party


Orange Democratic party led by Raila Odinga held meeting today with leaders from Nairobi region and Western region.

Matters arising from the meeting are that there certain people who are fond of saying "ODM legal caucus". ODM party would like to set it clearly that in the party there is no such organ and whoever uses the phrase is his view.

Whoever uses legal caucus of ODM will not be reflecting the views of ODM party Kenya.

"We want our members and the general public to know that we do not have any organ known as Legal Caucus and any message(s) from the said Caucus does not reflect views of the party", ODM party is quoted from their official Twitter handle.

The organ has been used mistakenly by people to mean a special group bof leaders in the party who are tasked with advising the party in legal matters. This is because the party consists of well known lawyers like James orengo, Otiende Amollo and many more.

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