3 Reasons Why Ghana Is Still Poor


Ghana is a very big country with a lot of resources, examples of these are gold, diamond, bauxite, cocoa etc. Ghana is a very rich naturally because it is blessed with a lot of resources but upon all these resources the country is still suffering. Below are some reasons why Ghana is still suffering:

1. Bribery and corruption.

Bribery occurs when a person give out money to another mainly because he wants the person to hide his wrong doings. In fact our country is really suffering from corruption because there are a lot of our leaders who are doing bad things but, they are paying money to cover those things up which is unfair

2. Nepotism

Nepotism is also another problem we are facing in the country, for example when we come to our working places, a person will carry a very good certificate and will send it to a company but, they will not take the person and another person will also carry a very bad certificate but, that person will be employed, why is this going on, this is going on because of nepotism and favoritism and this is what is taking the country down.

3. Ethnicity

This is also another problem, people refuse to offer help to others because they are not from the same tribe, this also go on in our working places, wrong people are always employed because of ethnicity leaving behind the good ones why because they are not from the same tribe with the manager, so the manager goes on to employ people from only his tribe and this is unfair.

These are the reasons why the country is still poor. Please put down your opinion about the country!!!

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