Fatima Abubakar, Aseeya, and Ali Nuhu All Stared In Kannywood Movie Series Titled "Binta Sugar"


Kannywood is preparing another movie series. This time, the movie is under the umbrella of Anfara Multimedia. A multimedia that is owned by actor, Aliyu Musbahu popularly known as Musbahu Anfara.

The movie is titled "Binta Sugar" and its being directed by Husaini Ali Muhammad, and produce by Kamsusi Mati. It has a very vibrant crew members who are putting good energy into making the movie series a classic one.

Fatima Abubakar, Aseeya, and Ali Nuhu among others are stared in the movie. Those are the actors who will be acting alongside each other in the long series movie. 

It's good to see that Musbahu Anfara is pushing himself into the Kannywood movie as not just an actor but a maker of movies.

The actor has been stared in so many movies, and have showed his good acting skills. Deciding to have or produce a movie under his company is a smart step that wouldn't only make him get more popular but make more money.

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