Quick Thinking Lead To This Suspect's Arrest, This Is What He Did

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Information was received of a house robbery that had just taken place, the officers called for back up and the relevant officers came together to apprehend the suspect.

Two vehicles were taken in the house robbery which led to us activating the tracking device which resulted in two arrests, this is commendable work from our law enforcement and there is nothing further to be said about their recent efforts.

Stolen items, 2 stolen motor vehicles and a firearm were recovered in the Tsakane area. These form part of the many legal firearms that end up in the hands of perpetrators of crimes and it is concerning, that innocent people die from these illegal guns.

Well done to SAPS, EMPD and everyone involved it is really great to see the police pick themselves up and do a fine job, even when you go around Johannesburg you start seeing a lot of the officers on foot doing their work.

Tracker South Africa really first a great job in apprehending the perpetrators of crimes, although there are many allegations that the tracking system is flawless and it treats an opportunity for these criminals to be able to track these vehicles and steal them.

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