David Ndii Bounces Back With A Powerful Message To Murathe After His Remarks On 2022 Succession Race


The 2022 succession politics in raising heated debates in the country as many politicians are in total dilemma on whom Uhuru will finally endorse to take the baton from him. The One Kenya Alliance as made moves to kneel down to Uhuru to accept their cries for endorsement.

On the other hand DP Ruto has vowed to deliver while Raila Odinga is also eyeing the seat that will soon be vacant. It has been a challenge for Uhuru to pick the most deserving candidate because Raila has always claimed that it is time for mount Kenya to support his presidency. On many occasions he has alleged that his votes have been stolen and presidency robbed from him.

However, political analyst Herman Manyora had at one time claimed that the 2022 race should be be postponed untill 2023 so that Uhuru and his administration can address the many challenges facing the nation like the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, David Muthare claimed that he supports the idea fronted by Manyora. In his remarks he said, "I buy Manyora's sentiments that 2022 election must be postponed to 2023 to enable Uhuru get ample time in eradicating Covid-19.

David Ndii reacted to this and said, "I have been pestered quite a bit lately by SH operatives to opine on assorted hare brained schemes. I’ve surmised an economic miracle cure is missing piece in plot to extend term. I tell them off, they still come back. Seems penny finally dropped that Jayden is going down a failure."

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