Ways God Tests You Before Using You For His Glory

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Our God is a merciful, God, loving and caring God, but sometimes he tests us before letting his blessings flow. In this article, we are going to see ways in which God can test you before using his glory for you

1. He Will Test Your Character  The test of character is one of the usual tests that God applies to any individual He wishes to use for His glory. If God needs to test your character, it has to do with your integrity as a servant of God.  Amid circumstances, do you submit to the will of God? When you find yourself in situations that tempt you, will you be able to maintain your integrity or will you collapse under pressure and sin? The test of character will truly show God whether or not He can trust great things, and also your obedience to His commandments.  

2. The service receipt  The service receipt is designed to show and prove belief in small things. Can you serve God with limited resources? Some people talk about being called of God, but they don't even serve God and exercise their faith in the little that God has given them.  Can you start small or just want to start this mega service? God may want you to be an evangelist, but He will test your service as an usher in this small church. The secret is to remain faithful to even the small abilities that God has given you. Only then will God entrust you with greater things.  

3. Try to Humble Yourself and Hide Yourself  During the recruiting process into the Lord's army there comes a moment when the Lord has to hide you. This is to test your patience, even though it's hidden.  There was a time when David slew lions and bears in the desert, and yet no one knew anything about him until God decided to raise him from the wilderness as king on the throne. like you're struggling to serve God and it seems all the doors are locked. God needs to do this so that He can test your patience and whether you can still depend on God at this time of year. 

 4. Discouragement Test The discouragement test is designed to show God whether you are a person who can remain in the faith or give up when the going gets tough. God knows very well that there are times when you will face persecution and therefore He must put you through this test.  Some people, even those very close to you, will discourage you, and that's even more disappointing. They will falsely accuse you and even say that you are a false man of God and that is why God must try you. Direction so you don't get discouraged when the going gets tough.  

5. The Test of Faithfulness   God must also test your area of ​​faithfulness, especially when it comes to following His instructions. his command. This is a test that will let God know if the great and powerful can be trusted. This is a very serious test, and if you don't pass this test, it will be very difficult to get to the next level in God's curriculum.  

6. Test of Blessings  This is a very important test and there are many servants of God in the Bible who have been put through this type of test and some have failed while others have passed. People like Abraham, Job and David had to pass this test before God would take them to the next level. Can you stay true to God even if you have everything you want in life? Will you still be able to pray to God when you have all your needs, or will you be the kind of person who completely forgets about God? Maybe God has blessed you after a long time with children, can you still pray for your children? 7. Jealousy Test  In this test God will even make others prosper and take them to the next level and you will see how you take your success. Are you the kind of person who can celebrate others even when they are more successful than you? or you will secretly harbour resentment and jealousy?  God expects you to celebrate others and be a person who wants others to be successful. In this test, God will be able to know the intentions of the heart and whether or not to entrust His greatest gifts to you.  One thing you should know is that God doesn't tempt anyone, only the devil. God is only testing you to see if you trust and love him completely. Temptations are meant to bring a man down, but trials and trials are meant to strengthen the believer's faith, and that is what God does.  

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