Irvin Khoza gives details about PSL deal with Motsepe Foundation

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People have been showing lot of reactions on social media about the deal that Patrice Motsepe has made with PSL, were he will be the main sponsor of National First Division and this has got the whole country talking, about what will be happening on the ABC league which also sponsored by Motsepe.

But the chairman of PSL Dr Irvin Khoza has breakdown the information about what will be happening in the NFD next season, which is now sponsored by Motsepe foundation who has signed the deal later this week.

According to the PSL information that they have revealed, they league will televise less NFD matches this season, which is something that has caused a serious doubt for many soccer fans, because Multichoice was starting to televise this games a way to promote this league to the world, so that scout can notice the talent that the players are showing.

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