Murathe Breaks His Silence On Ruto-Raila Coalition


Ruto- Raila Coalition has been the talk of the town for the last few weeks. This came in after the alleged betrayal among the two handshake partners i.e Orange Democratic Movement ODM party and Uhuru Kenyatta' s camp where ODM hinted on having a coalition with the deputy president of Kenya hon William Ruto as a way of saving themselves from Uhuru' s alleged betrayal.

This rumoured coalition have caused alot of tension in the country' s political industry expecially inside Uhuru Kenyatta' s camp as this coalition can totally finish their 2022 political plans. Some Politicians have come out to rubbish these claims that Ruto can enter into a coalition with Raila Odinga saying that it will not be possible.

Now, the vice chairman of Jubilee party hon David Murathe who is one of the close allies of President Uhuru Kenyatta has come out to talk about this alleged coalition giving out one condition that can make them to support the said coalition.

As established by the Kenyans. co. ke, David Murathe said that as Uhuru' s camp, the don' t have any problem with the coalition between honourable Raila Odinga and the deputy president of Kenya honourable Raila Odinga provided that Raila Odinga who he reffered to as " Jakom" will be the presidential candidate for this coalition.

This statement by David Murathe in other words means that they can support Ruto- Raila coalition if the ODM boss will be the flag bearer. On the other side, Murathe said that the handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga was still very intact despite some claims that the handshake was on its end.

Now, what is your view on this statement by Murathe? Does this means that Uhuru' s camp is so determined to see that Raila Odinga will be the president? Drop your comment.


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