Desmond Finally Gets A Date, Ghanaians Tease Him For The Last Time


Desmond of date rush fame has finally landed a date and it has got many date rush fans and Ghanaians excited.

Desmond has been one of the most underrated contestants to hope onto the date rush program due to his height.

He has been constantly trolled by everyone, however, today he beams with smiles as he lands the beautiful Jeniffer as a date.

Jeniffer who stepped onstage looking for love was sought after by almost all the gentlemen on stage, however, eventually, she narrowed her choice to Quecy and Desmond.

She ended up choosing Desmond over Quecy by giving the reason that Quecy talks too much and he tries so hard to sound smart.

However, Ghanaians have reacted on the various social media platforms by stating that she chose Desmond because they are of the same height. Ghanaians went ahead to tease him for the last time as he will be leaving with his comic personality. One user commented that short man + short woman = cute couple.