"Rest In Peace" Look Photos Of Metro Overpass Where More Than 23 People Lost Their Lives


There are many mode of transportation in the world like trains, vehicles, boats and aeroplanes. All these are man-made and are controlled by human beings.

Sometimes, accidents occurs and many people dies. Some accidents are caused by human error and many people dies on spot. Furthermore, some accidents can be overcame, if all drivers follow traffic rules and regulations.

Also some contractors use poor materials to construct roads or railway bridge. These contractors should be condemned by the society because they are risking the lives of many people

Accordingly from the source, Mexico is mourning after more than 20 people lost their lives after sub highway overpass collapsed. The train killed 24 people and many others are in hospital fighting for their lives. Mexico government have revealed that the investigation has begun to determine the cause of accident.

Many families are searching for their love ones in hospital after the accident.

Look some screenshots of the sub highway overpass that cause lives of 24 people

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