How Amazing William Ruto Has Been Since Joining Kenyan Politics


Deputy president William Ruto began his political career in the '90s by vying for various KANU branch party positions. He later met his future mentor president Daniel arap Moi through his church activities and helped him form a group of youth which was known as YK'92 to drum up support for Moi's presidency in 1992, he served as the treasurer.

President Moi disbanded the group after the 1992 elections, this led to Ruto vying for Eldoret North's parliamentary seat against Moi's preferred candidate Rueben Chesire whom he surprisingly beat. His strong support for Moi's preferred candidate Uhuru Kenyatta in 2002 saw him get appointed assistant minister for home affairs. He would later in 2005 elected as KANU's secretary general with Uhuru Kenyatta as the Chairman.

In 2005, Kenya held a constitutional referendum which KANU was on the opposition side. The symbol for the No vote was an orange. The new grouping opposing the referendum named themselves Orange Democratic Movement(ODM). Ruto was leading this grouping, this solidified his voter base in Rift valley more so because they came out victorious in the referendum.

In January 2006, he publicly announced that he would vie for the 2007 general election, he was however condemned by Daniel arap Moi. ODM had evolved into a political party and therefore sought its nomination. However, he came out third after Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi. He however expressed his support for Raila in an election which Kibaki won with a lot of controversies.

After the 2008 post election violence, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta among other four Kenyans were accused of causing the violence and would later be charged at the International Criminal Court(ICC). This was the exodus of Uhuruto presidency. Uhuru and Ruto forged together in 2013 and were elected president and deputy president respectively.

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