Incredible accomplishment for Austrian Muslims/"Restricting hijab law" abrogated

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The Austrian Constitutional Court has canceled the law prohibiting the hijab in the nation. 

On Friday, December 11, 2020 night, the Austrian Constitutional Court (VfGH) decided that the law "Restriction on headscarves in elementary schools", which was recently endorsed and executed since the fall of 2019, was illegal and hence they revoked it. 

As indicated by the ABNA journalist in Vienna, the appointed authorities of the court pronounced that the law negates the strict and philosophical impartiality of the public authority and abuses the balance of residents. 

By the request for the VfGH, the Austrian Chancellor should quickly declare the new principle and report the cancelation of the previous one. 

The dubious law prohibiting the hijab in elementary schools was passed by the last PVP-FPÖ government, and against Islamist components looked to extend it from grade schools to secondary schools and afterward to colleges and workplaces. 

Accordingly, the Austrian Muslims, driven by the Shiite people group, made some legitimate moves, and documented a claim in the Constitutional Court. 


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