Ask Angel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to surround your family with their heavenly protection

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Angels were made by God to serve as our guardians and advisers in this world. They surround us and shield us from several hidden threats, even though we may not be able to perceive them with our physical eyes.

Here is a prayer to the Archangels asking them to protect your family from all harm, whether physical or spiritual:

" O Jesus, our most holy Redeemer,u we ask you to bless our home, our family, our household. Preserve us from all evil.

St. Michael, defend us against all the wicked wiles of hell.

St, Gabriel, obtain for us wisdom that we may understand the holy will of God.

St. Raphael, preserve us from ill health and all danger to life.

Holy guardian angels, keep us day and night in the way to salvation". Amen.

God says: As special and as beautiful as the angels are, they do not compare to the radiance of the human race. I do not make them in my image. Only you, my beloved ones, have such privilege. My angels are constantly with you, guiding, protecting, communicating. Each of you has a special guardian of your own. There are also fleets of swift-winged creatures who come and go constantly with messages for you. 

I don't want you to be afraid. I don't want you to feel alone, so I've placed them among you. . exactly as I am present among you Do not be scared. I agree with you. My angels are watching over you. You have already been delivered from the dark ones who would try to entice you into their world. Rest well. Ascend gracefully. Smile as you start your day tomorrow.

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