5 Crazy Jobs People Will Have In The Future


3D printer handyman

Actually it’s a guy who comes and prints a replacement for a leaking pipe you wanted to fix or a new house or your personal robot, it actually sounds like magician but it’s just a handyman with a 3D printer.

Trash architect

One day there will be so much trash on earth that we’ll have to find a new way of dealing with it. There are this concept for floating cities that are built of algae and waste where up to 20,000 people could live. Or this one, a pavilion built of plastic cups, a very good example of what trash architects will do

Space tour guide

It doesn’t matter if it’ll be 30-minute ride above Earth or a 2-year project in Mars, you will actually need someone to show you around and help you find the best places to visit and that’s where the work of a space tour guide comes in.

Asteroid miners

Research has shown that asteroids contains vast deposits of valuable platinum, rhodium and palladium making asteroid mining a potentially super profitable business. Maybe in future we will have shift workers in a space mine.

Urban farmer

Due to population growth, soon the agricultural lands will soon be inhabited leading to the necessity of finding a new type of farming. Rooftop farming, vertically planting, every piece of surface can be used. However plant need to be looked after and that’s where urban farmers will be in demand and we can even mention urban shepherds

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