Sir Arthur Eze Vs Emeka Offor: Who Is The Richest Igbo Man Alive?


The Igbo people of the eastern part of Nigerian have been known for their industrious and shrewd financial character. They are keen on business with a broad understanding of how to expand every little investment they have. This is why a lot of them are very wealthy. Anytime there is a list of Igbo wealthiest men, some names would always pop up such as Tony Elumelu, Jim Ovia, and a host of others. 

However, two names have spurred a conversation about who is the wealthiest, they are Emeka Offor and Sir Arthur Eze. Both have dealings in the Oil and Gas sector and have assets worth billions of dollars. 

Emeka Offor was born in Kafachan and is the owner of the Chrome group which is a leading conglomerate based in Abuja, Nigeria. He created a foundation to help the needy become independent and self-sufficient. 

Sir Arthur Eze is the owner of Atlas Oranto Petroleum and is said to have assets in Liberia, Guinea, Gambia, and the United Kingdom. 

Some people believe that Emeka Offor is the richest Igbo man alive with a net worth of $5.8 billion, while a lot of people are of the opinion that Sir Arthur Eze remains number 1.

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