Dad's also deserve to have theirs own Daddyshower

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It Is a norm that when a woman is pregnant and is about to give birth, friends and family normally throw a nice party to welcome the new mother or the new member in the family. They buy gift for both mother and baby but they always exclude the father.

So for the past few months guys from all over the world have been throwing fathershowers if I may call it to appreciate the father's as well.

It is very exciting to see man taking part in such events. I mean why would the mother only be celebrated even the father was there to plant a seed. The woman accepted the seed, took it and nurtured it till the right time. So we all need to celebrate. It shouldn't be one sided because remember that it takes two to tango.

The mother's need to pampered before the little bundle of joy arrives but so is the let's forget about the 80's and let's start appreciate one another.

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