Mzansi went crazy after seeing Bathu being sold for R130 at Marabi, See Pictures.

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Bathu is a South African brand that specialises in sneakers, Bathu is still building a sneaker brand that Africans can proudly associate with, the founder of Bathu is Theo Baloyi who was born and raised in the Gauteng province.

Image: Theo Bhaloyi CEO of Bathu

The sneaker Bathu is popular in South Africa, and some other African countries, this masterpiece represents us as African people hence the name "Bathu" is a slang name from the township, Bathu means Shoes. everybody loves the shoe as it offers a different range for adults and children.  

Image: Original Bathu Sneaker

Thoe went through obstacles like other entrepreneurs out there when he started his business, and everything came together in 2015 when he first launches his first 100 pairs of Mesh Edition and were sold out quickly, from there his business has been booming in such a way that Bathu shoes are locally manufactured in Durban, with some of the components imported from Lesotho & the East, and their warehouse is located in Centurion.

Image: Fake Bathu Sneaker

After all the sweat Thoe been through, it is said that there are shops who are selling imitation of Bathu sneakers, a lady took it to social media sharing a picture with people showing them these no-name markets are now selling fake Bathu, she captioned her post "Our biggest mistake was supporting counterfeit goods from this people. Now they doing this to our own. Enough is enough." 

People got angry after writing her post and seeing the picture, they quickly jumped to her comment section and share their views, as they replied

@julius_thamana "Yup they're gonna us down that's why nna I don't support them cause even black South African businesses get affected by them."

@Ham_Abra_ "Where is the store? we just want to talk nje that's all."

By reading the comments you can tell that people didn't receive well the news and they are angry, though the ambassador of the Sneakers like Somizi, Kanyi Mbau hasn't said anything. Hope they will reach out and call out these people once they see the post.


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