"I was Sold As A Sex Slave At The Age Of 14, For Ksh.5000", Jacinta Wanjuku Narrates

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Jacinta Wanjiku is a 21 years old lady that narrates her sad story.On an interview with Jael Musumba,a news anchor in the Standard Digital,she had a talk with Jacinta that has really touched Kenyans.(photo courtesy|Left-Jael Musumba,Right-Jacinta Wanjiku).

Jacinta remembers very well back in the year 2009 when her slavery started with the Kikiyu guy.She says that,she had completed her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in the year 2008,when she was 13 years old.She could not join highschool in the year 2009 as she was expected.The reason being,because of the background they run at in their home.

(photo courtesy|Jacinta Wanjiku).

She had to stay at her home till her family could gather some cash to take her for higher learning on the secondary.While waiting for that golden opportunity to come,some man gave her mother sh.5000 for an exchange with the 14 year old Jacinta.She said that this man from Kikuyu was in their home town Kakamega for water project purposes,and he came to their home for "chang'aa".

Jacinta was tricked by her mother (Kikuyu decent) that she being taken to her grandmother in Kiambu for her to continue with her education.Jacinta was very happy when she was accompanied by the man that had awarded her mother sh.5000 without her knowledge.Jacinta was shocked when they finally reached in Kiambu and the guy told her that he had given her mother sh.5000 for exchange of her as his wife.When Jacinta called her mother to confirm the incident,her mother disappointed her by saying,she was her mother and had a right to do anything with her daughter.This is an act that our parents should stop and give their children full rights to education.

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