Mnakwethu: South Africans proud of MaShelembe for choosing herself

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Mnakwethu: South Africans proud of MaShelembe for choosing herself

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When you love someone, you naturally turn a blind eye at all the wrong they do to you. Their love acts as a covering for all their flaws!

In the case of MaShelembe, her husband treats her so bad that everyone in the country questions why any woman would be forced to stay in such a toxic relationship. What's worse is that the second wife came into her relationship and made her feel as an outcast. Masithole has continuously refered to herself as a pillar and on tonight's episode, it was disclosed that she refused for Langa (husband) to sleep with MaShelembe and instructed the hotel to book 3 rooms so that she is at ease!

When MaShelembe said of how she's tired of the treatment she gets from Langa and MaSithole, Twitter bowed down to her in pride because they have watched her being made a fool in front of the country. For her to say "From now on, I'm done," shows that she will choose herself even though the decision will hurt since she had built a life around and with this man.

Langa is the one who paved way for MaSithole to disrespect his first wife and it can't be expected that MaShelembe "reprimands" her because she doesn't even know this woman. There are some wars that are not worth fighting and one where you fight for your place in someone's life is one of them!

I'm proud that MaShelembe chose herself.

I’m so happy she left him.You deserve love. You deserve to be appreciated. You Deserve peace You deserve Happiness. Makukhanye Kwande kuwe MaShelembe 🤍🕯#Mnakwethu

Guys.... but this Langa guy doesn't love Mashelembe period. She should just learn to let him go xem 😭#Mnakwethu

MaShelembe is a ticking bomb you can see with her emotions and anger when speaking that she has had enough. Thank God she has had enough this is too much. #Mnakwethu

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