The Timne Timmy Tdat's Was a Backup Artist to A Music Star


Timothy Owuor, popularly known as Timmy Tdat, has finally hit the headlines today when he posted photos of him acting as a back up for the renowned artist, Kenrazy.

The singer today flaunted his Instagram page with throwback photos of him backing up Kenrazy.He ended captioning the photo,"Once a back up.He finalized his Instagram post caption by advising his fans to stay inspired.

The artist post has acted as a motivation ,to many upcoming artists who are still striving to shine in the music industry, to never give up but stay inspired.several fans had reacted to the post by acknowledging the long journey that the artist has gone through in order to reach where he is at now.Timmy Tdat had occasionally been seen appearing to appreciate his past by posting a lot of his throwback photos.He is said to have started his journey back in the year 2012 after being recognized by fellow artists Naiboi and Kenrazy.

The artist had been born and raised at Kayole and being raised from this place made it difficult for the artist to be recognized as talented.Timmy Tdat has been considered as Kasabun , Iromo and Mary Jane hit maker.

Timmy Tdat continue to shine as one of the best secular artists in Kenya with making hit after hit.

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