Health facilities overwhelmed over increasing boda-boda accident victims in Lamu, Kilifi and Tana


Mr Sheba Hero, 37, a boda-boda hit and run accident victim from Mtangawanda village in Lamu East at Star Hospital in Malindi, Kilifi County where he underwent surgery for his fractured arm he suffered three-years ago.

By L.M 

The increasing number boda-boda riders daily admitted at the health facilities in Kilifi, Lamu and Tana River Counties as a result of road accidents has raised concern among medical practitioners.

Reports indicate that about 30 to 40 riders, passengers and pedestrians are daily admitted at Malindi, Kilifi, Hola, Lamu and Garsen hospitals as a result of accidents.

Mr Sheba Hero, 37, a boda-boda hit and run accident victim from Mtangawanda village in Lamu East is among the people receiving treatment at Star Hospital in Malindi after suffering a hand fracture three years ago.

"On the material day, I was on my way home from fishing when a boda-boda rider knocked me from behind leaving me with a fractured arm, I went to hospital in Faza then Lamu and Malindi but the hand could not be fixed because the costs were high,’’ said the father of four.

Mr Hero whom through the help of a good Samaritan, Dr Ahmed Bunu has obtained treatment at Star Hospital, said he could not afford Sh90,000 for treatment to fix his broken arm.

Unfortunately, most of the boda-boda accident victims who come from poverty-stricken families in remote areas are forced to seek traditional treatment as they cannot afford to pay the costs of medication.

Her mother, Mrs Nyebwana Bwana said they tried all other means of treatment including traditional medication due to financial constraints but it was in vain since they forced to stay at home with the victim for three years.

“Luckily a good Samaritan, Dr Ahmed Bunu recently and offered to help my son and paid all the cost of surgery and he getting better after the operation, “she said.

Dr Nurein Mohamed, an Orthopedic surgeon at Star Hospital who conducted the surgery said Sheba’s arm had developed a fake joint at the fractured area as it had not been fixed for three years.

The Doctor said he managed to operate and fix the fracture adding that the victim would soon return to normal after healing.

"Most of cases involving fractured bones we normally receive at this facility are caused by bodaboda accidents although we have also received cases where the fractures are as a result of falling during coconut harvesting," he added.