Omotola Jalade Says "Come May 28th You Will Be Locked Down" After A Man Drew A Portrait Of Her


Some artists are known for being very talented to the extent that they can draw a portrait of a person to look so much like his original self. They are very good at mixing colors to create the perfect balance suitable for their artwork. However, other artists are not very good at their work as an attempt in trying to make a drawing of someone may seem like a mockery to the person.

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Popular Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has reacted to the drawing of an artist that supposedly portrayed her. The artist did a drawing of her and when Omotola Jalade saw it, she was not pleased with it as she stated that the artist would be locked down on May 28th.

"Please you are not well. What is this? Come May 28th you will be locked down," she wrote.

While many may find the drawing of the artist as being hilarious, the artist must have spent a lot of time and resources to complete the drawing. As a result of this, it is not likely that the artist was intentionally trying to make a mockery of the actress. In any way, he should be encouraged because he can still do better.

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