Era Is Coming To An End; Reactions As Gifty Anti Turns Into A Water Model.

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Indeed every era of unpleasant circumstances shall surely end one day. These were the words of Gifty Anti. There was massive reaction on the post of Gifty Anti after she turned into a water model to make declarations for her followers. According to her, the pictures depict a closed chapter to an era of tears, sorrow and storm.

Gifty Anti used pictures to tell her story and attached the caption below.

"A SHORT BUT DEEP STORY OF PICTURES Gradually, an era is coming to an end!!It’s been beautiful but there were some very dark moments!! There were points on that journey that felt like the ‘end’.  The storms raged!!  But all people saw, was the beauty, because God calmed the storms and kept them beneath me!! And Everytime He brought me out of the storm and made me more ‘beautiful’!!! Behold, a new dawn is almost here!!  Hold on my dear!  Day break is almost here" 

As usual, there was massive reaction. Almost all the reactions spoke about her beauty and the way she keeps encouraging them with advisable post on Facebook.

Check out the post, pictures and some of the reactions from the followers of Gifty Anti. To me, it's absolutely beautiful.

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